Time and Labor Management (TLM)

Quickly and accurately complete time collection and processing tasks, saving you time and resources to focus on running your business


PayBridge Timekeeping supports time and labor management (TLM), using a variety of collection devices to track time, including traditional time clocks, a biometric facial recognition, AirClock tablet and our mobile solution – GeoPunch™. Our time and labor management solutions are always built to suit you and your workforce, and fully customizable around your changing requirements.

PayBridge Timekeeping helps to simplify the payroll process, providing an easy-to-use solution that will help your business track employee hours, manage labor costs, reduce administrative expenses and compliance risks, while improving workforce productivity.

Our cloud-based time and labor management solution:

Collects employee time from PayBridge TLM software supports PCs, biometric and badge readers, telephone (IVR) and a host of portable devices, to provide real time visibility across multiple work locations

Adapts to the most complex business and payroll rules ensures scalability, rapid deployment, and low total cost of ownership

Enforces application security through existing credentials

Operates within any IT environment and easily creates an enterprise-wide labor solution by integrating with your payroll, human resource and ERP systems

Offers durable and dependable time clock options including barcode, biometric or proximity

Offers tablet time clocks with biometric facial recognition technology AirClock™ that enables employees to take a “selfie” submission with dual authentication, removing the potential for time fraud

Provides the world’s first mobile, biometric time and attendance app enabling employees to use their mobile devices to accurately track their time with a quick “selfie”

Is a script-based system that ensures compliance with federal labor laws

Key Features

Our time and labor management software streamlines processes allowing you to easily manage time collection, accruals, and employee schedules while staying compliant with FLSA and labor laws.

  • FLSA and Overtime Compliance

    Consistent enforcement of pay policies and application of pay rules
  • Manage By Exception

    Stop reading every timecard and only deal with the exceptions
  • Time-off Management

    Time-off requests and overtime approvals are streamlined to keep managers working
  • Error-free Processing

    Automated pay rule calculation for fast, accurate payroll processing
  • Time Collection Flexibility

    Time tracking that fits your needs: mobile, PC, badge-reader, or biometric
  • Web time clocks

    Ensure easy, accurate time tracking with a variety of clock and punch methods that seamlessly integrate with the time and attendance software so employers can capture productivity trends to inform better business decisions. Businesses can use one method or multiple methods for employees to track their time.
  • For Supervisors
    Supervisors can maintain clear oversight of daily operations

    The time management software dashboard gives managers real time access to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, maximize productivity and reduce time consuming, manual data entry so that they can focus on strategic goals.

    Supervisors and managers can quickly and easily customize dashboards, allowing them to determine what data and tasks appear on their home tab. The “Timecard Exceptions” widget allows supervisors to manage by exception (e.g. missed punches, late arrivals), without inspecting each employee's time card every day. The “Timecard Approvals and Leave Requests” widget enables fast access to action items. As well as appearing on the dashboard, these items can be emailed to the supervisor. Tasks like timecard approvals can be automated with timely email reminders.

    Supervisors can track productivity trends using the dashboard. This area also provides access to view or edit an individual employee’s time card, schedule or profile.

    Supervisors can also:
    Create and edit schedules for employees
    Create patterns for schedules for groups of employees who work at similar times
    Browse employees’ time cards and change them as necessary
    View accrual balances that are automatically calculated and updated in real time
    Check on which leave requests have been processed for the month when deciding whether to approve or deny an employee’s request
    Track a points- or occurrence-based attendance policy at no additional cost
    Run customizable reports on any time and attendance data
    Schedule robust reporting to run automatically
  • For Employees

    Simple, self-service solutions keep employees engaged in the entire process of time and attendance tracking. Employees can access the web portal making it easy to view their time cards or request time off.

    Employees can receive real time data; view their timesheet, hours worked and their weekly schedule; they can check accrual balance; review their point balance; see the total time worked in the pay period; and run a timesheet report.

    A monthly calendar view provides an at-a-glance view of who has requested off on certain days so employees can check work shift coverage before requesting time off. Employees can digitally request time off by submitting a request to their supervisor via email, which shows up on the supervisor’s dashboard. Once approved, the time off request appears on the calendar view and the employee’s timesheet, and the employee receives email confirmation when the request has been processed.

  • Seamlessly Synced with Payroll

    Employers can import their time logs to automatically feed hours worked directly into payroll for easier overall management of time and labor costs.

    If you want to connect to your accounting system or your time and attendance system, we can provide a seamless experience.


    Easily update your accounting system with general ledger integration, simplifying your reconciliation process. Payroll data can be automatically uploaded to your accounting system, eliminating the need for data entry between payroll and accounts. PayBridge also integrates with QuickBooks Online so that pay data flows directly into QuickBooks - no effort required

    Utilize one-click import of labor hours; PayBridge automates time entry with the payroll and tax software. There is no need to key time and attendance information into payroll separately

    Enjoy the convenience of a fully-integrated single solution; PayBridge’s Time and Labor Management software can integrate with Payroll and Tax and other HCM software using a single sign-on

  • PayBridge Mobile for Time and Attendance

    The free mobile app provides all the same time tracking functionalities as the web portal. Employees can punch in and out, review their punch history, view their timecard, enter leave requests, view their schedule and check their accrual balance.

    The mobile app recognizes where an employee is when punching in and out and will log the employee’s GPS position for supervisors to review. Additionally, supervisors can enable the photo feature, which requires employees to take a selfie when clocking in and out.

    With crew clocking, supervisors or managers can clock in multiple employees at once. If employees do not have access to smartphones, but their supervisor does, crew clocking provides a time-efficient way to capture all present employees at once.

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