Payroll and Tax Management

Whether you are a small business owner or a payroll professional responsible for ensuring thousands of employees get paid on time, payroll is often complicated and time-consuming

Payroll processing requires information on wages, taxes, benefits, overtime, garnishments, tips, direct deposits and time entry stamps that accumulate at various sites, pay types and rates.

If you’re an employer facing challenges around compliance, navigating regulations, filing or meeting tax deadlines, we offer flexible, scalable and reliable services to support your payroll processes.

We're a payroll service provider that makes paying employees easy. Our cloud-based software can help small and large enterprises handle complex payroll and tax management needs.

With PayBridge, you can accurately process payroll in a few easy steps. Spend less time and money manually entering data, minimize errors, avoid filing penalties and ensure you stay compliant with local and federal regulations.

Key Features

PayBridge automates labor-intensive processes, while protecting sensitive payroll data. You can:

Process payroll for an unlimited number of employees and per state transactions
Generate third party AP checks (for garnishments, tax levies, union dues, labor allocations and more)
Easily process multiple payment frequencies
Increase data accuracy, avoid risk and reduce redundant data entry
Create user-definable roles with multi-level security options
Handle FLSA, overtime and state minimum wage compliance
Receive automatically updated tax codes for federal, state government and municipal requirements
Send taxes automatically via standard ACH processing
Employees can enter time via web timesheets or import timecard information data from third-party time collection systems
Payroll Tax Management
Payroll is already complicated; multi-state payroll tax management can be overwhelming

Each state has different tax rules, different payroll tax forms and different payroll tax rates. If you have employees working remotely, staying compliant with state and local laws can be difficult to navigate.

In an ever-evolving payroll tax landscape, you can rely on our team’s expertise. We stay on top of over 11,000 taxing agencies throughout the U.S. and Canada, ensuring your tax payments remain compliant. No two companies are exactly the same - our custom tax solution is built around you.

Whether you're a small business looking for a little guidance while filing your own taxes, or a full-service payroll tax management partner, we can tailor a solution that will help you stay compliant.

  • Report Writer
    PayBridge’s Report Writer help you securely create web-based reports on your employees and business KPIs in just a few steps

    Create custom-formatted fields, record sorting and grouping with detailed drill-downs, and benefit from the multiple output selections.

    Automatically retrieve KPIs, print graphs and charts, identify workforce analytics and access business intelligence data - to address current business practices, prepare accurate forecasts and align daily operations with company goals.

    Access PayBridge’s report library, where over 600 customizable reports are available via site workflow panels, menus and dataset queries.

    Reporting features include:
    Online dashboard with multiple KPI displays for at-a-glance business analytics
    Interactive business intelligence outputs
    Author and publish reports
    Analyze “what if” scenarios
    Configure interactive metrics for performance effectiveness, overall business performance, and goal forecasting
    24/7, on-demand report access for executives, managers, administrators and key personnel
  • Time-saving Integrations
    • Easily update your accounting system
      Simplify your reconciliation process with general ledger integration. Payroll data can be automatically uploaded to your accounting system, and seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks Online. Learn more about our payroll integrations.
    • One-click import of labor hours
      Automate time entry with payroll tax management software, removing the need to key time and attendance information into payroll separately.
    • Convenient, fully-integrated solutions
      Run a more efficient business by meeting all of your Human Capital Management needs using a single sign-in. Learn more about how to benefit from an integrated human capital management system.
    • 401(k) interface
      Seamless 401(k) integration supports businesses that help their employees save for retirement. Easily sync 401(k) to payroll so enrollment is streamlined and automated; reducing processing time, improving accuracy, security, and resource optimization.
    • Inbuilt compliance
      Our tax management engine is continuously updated in accordance with federal, state, and local laws and tax rates, tax brackets and statutory limits.
  • Highly Secure, Easily Auditable

    All of our applications and data are hosted and protected with Amazon Web Services - the leading provider of cloud storage. Security controls include monthly vulnerability management scans, antivirus software and encryption of all client data. Clients using our cloud-based software can customize security rights so individual users only have access to what you choose.

    As a company, PayBridge must pass SOC 1 and SOC 2 Type 2 audits on a regular basis. SOC audits are completed by an independent third party to ensure all necessary controls and systems are in place. PayBridge is compliant with the strictest privacy standards, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Affordable Care Act Tools

    Access a comprehensive suite of tools to easily understand your Affordable Care Act (ACA) responsibilities. Assess and report on employees’ eligibility status, monitor and maintain employee’s ACA compliance, and avoid unnecessary liability.

    Receive reports including:
    Forms 1094 B/C and 1095 B/C
    ACA Full-Time Employee (FTE) Report
    ACA Eligibility Analysis Report
    Rule of Parity Report
    Inactive Employee Report
    ACA 1095 Edit Report
    1095 Preview Report
    ACA Affordability Report
    ACA Status Report
  • Workers’ Compensation (Pay-As-You-Go)

    Access a comprehensive suite of tools to easily understand your Affordable Care Act (ACA) responsibilities. Assess and report on employees’ eligibility status, monitor and maintain employee’s ACA compliance, and avoid unnecessary liability.

    While traditional workers’ comp policies require you to estimate how much payroll you might do in a year, transfer funds for insurance and then conduct an audit against actual payroll totals - you can avoid overpaying or underpaying with a pay-as-you-go policy. Our policy partners integrate with our payroll service to calculate exactly how much your business owes in workers’ comp each payment period.

    Traditional Workers’ Compensation Policies
    Pay-As-You-Go Program for Workers’ Compensation
    A 25-100% premium deposit required
    No premium deposit required
    Premium based on estimated annual payroll
    Premium based on actual payroll instead of estimates
    Limited payment terms (e.g. monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual)
    Payments evenly spread over company’s policy period
    Greater risk of additional premium due at year-end audit
    Reduced risk of over or underpayment at year-end audit
    Need to handwrite checks and send via mail risking late payment or cancellation
    Eliminates writing checks and assures accurate, on-time payments
    We work with best-in-class workers’ compensation policy providers to provide all of the following benefits:
    No premium deposit required
    Premium based on actual payroll
    Reduced audit exposure
    Increased cash flow
PayCard and on-demand pay
WageLink teaches employees how to save and helps them manage unexpected expenses
On-demand pay benefits:
PayCard benefits:
Instant and easy access when needed, anytime, anywhere
Access and withdraw up to 70% of accrued net salary - instantly
Manage unexpected expenses
Put aside part of your salary for a savings goal
Better budget your income and expenses
Track spending habits over time
Send funds to family members or other loved ones

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