Human Capital Management (HCM)

Workforce management is about more than just compensating employees; the recruitment process must identify and fill talent gaps


Human resources employees are expected to facilitate continuous learning across an entire workforce, provide genuine career development and offer support throughout the entire employee lifecycle.

PayBridge's cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solution dramatically reduces the quantity of manual processes required of HR professionals. This allows employees responsible for human capital management to contribute to overall business strategy and developing HCM processes that deliver genuine business value.

PayBridge empowers HR managers and employees

PayBridge's HCM software shortens processing times, simplifies key information management and enables accurate workforce planning.

Secure workforce portals combined with workforce user roles and logins, ensures your HR teams and employees can stay better connected, make more intelligent workforce decisions and implement plans more efficiently. Electronic reminders, notifications and built-in, secure messaging systems ensure workflow continuity from the office, home or on the road.

Improve every HR process

With instant access to HR data and powerful self-service funactionalities, employees, administrators and executives can make informed decisions and increase productivity.

PayBridge’s HCM software offers a flexible range of tools from hiring to employee retention to leadership development to workforce optimization.

Provide support throughout the entire employee life cycle

PayBridge's HCM software allows you to spend less time on administrative paperwork and more time on the important aspects of human resources.

  • Recruitment
    Create tailored job descriptions, customize application questions, create different versions of applications, post positions to job boards, view job applicants and set up your own recruitment workflows.
  • Development
    Track certificates and licenses to set up notifications for both employees and managers to alert them of expired certifications and licenses. Track performance reviews (annual, 90- day, etc.), scheduled due dates and completion status.
  • Onboarding
    Walk employees through a streamlined electronic onboarding process. Enable employees to e-sign required company documents like handbooks or policies, electronically complete their I-9, W-4 and direct deposit information. Provide an easy-to-use open enrollment process for your employees and monitor employees' benefit elections.
  • Offboarding
    Manage employee records and automatically update the entire system if an employee leaves. Stay compliant with an automated employee termination process that ensures terminated employees no longer collect wages or benefits past their date of separation.
  • Employee engagement
    Provide access to an engaging employee self-service portal with 24/7 access. Employees can access their pay history, tax forms, manage their direct deposit accounts, view reminders of certification and license expirations, see their benefit elections and their accrual balance- all in one place. Email notifications, reminders, and alerts keep administrators, managers and employees updated on activities in the system and items that need approval or review.
User-Friendly HCM software

With easy navigation, interactive dashboards and a robust employee self-service portal, our cloud-based HCM software helps your business with productivity and accuracy. Plus, a seamless integration with our payroll and tax software as well as our time and attendance software to automate your payroll process.

Key HCM Capabilities:
Track employee data and retention analytics
Store pictures, PDFs, Word documents and even videos associated with employee events
Track employee progress for succession planning and salary review purposes
Utilize intuitive automated event wizards for employment changes such as new hires, open enrollments and terminations
Define, monitor and budget company positions
Customize workflow with multi-level approval capabilities
Manage, track and report on government compliance such as EEO documents, OSHA, FMLA, COBRA details and HIPAA certifications
Create job requisitions, download resumes, conduct candidate searches, schedule interviews and manage talent acquisition through PayBridge’s fully-integrated Applicant Tracking module
Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service provides a secure portal for everyone in the organization to access
Robust analytics and reporting includes dashboards for KPIs with real-time data access and updating
Access to over 600 standard reports with the ability for users to quickly develop custom reports
HCM Services for HR Teams

Payroll's cloud-based HCM software supports several HR processes:

Manage payroll data:
Access earnings, deductions, tax and pay-rate information in real-time
Make group salary changes
Review and approve timesheets
Manage recruitment functions:
Submit job requisitions
Review and add candidates to an integrated database and edit applicant data
Manage key events through the message center:
Approval items
Expiring certifications
Due timesheets
Performance reviews
Benefits administration
Employee Self Service

The HCM software reduces paperwork and transforms the employee experience by conveniently providing employee records, relevant tax forms, direct deposit information and other digital documents related to personnel administration. Employees can update their pay information on their own time, without needing to contact HR.

Key self service capabilities:
View company announcements
Access company documents and important links to websites
Review pay stubs, tax documents, deductions and HR documents
Apply to open internal job requisitions
Submit time-off requests
Participate in benefit open enrollment
Update personal information, including direct deposit information and tax information
Access performance reviews
Access training schedules
Access handbooks and policy documents
Access company events, news and announcements
Work through an electronic, open enrollment process using intranet portals
See a summary of current benefits and costs
  • Career Management

    In modern workforce management, it is necessary to keep up with expiring certifications and licenses, government and state requirements, as well as career planning and development, and employee and management training. Our HCM solution is designed to meet the demands of training management by automating routine administrative functions and providing accurate, detailed information for onsite and offsite programs.

    HCM Carrer Management
    Career Management features:
    Track Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)
    Track approved facilities, curriculum, schedule, instructors and training formats
    Track completion, grades, evaluations, costs and reimbursements
    Automate training administration, including requests, approvals and management of available training programs
    Group by category
    Online sign-up and training management available
    Managers can access online training schedules and receive and reply to training requests quickly and without paperwork
    Store employee records
    Employees have instant access to training schedules
    Employees have access to training agendas and summaries
  • Performance Management

    Improve your overall HCM using innovative technologies. Customizable performance management allows for an easier employee review process. You can electronically create customizable performance profiles as well as talent profiles for each employee and utilize the software's advanced reporting capabilities to track employee performance over time.

  • PayBridge's fully integrated HR software

    Seamlessly integrate PayBridge's performance management with talent management and wider HR services to build a coherent HCM strategy to help build a strong, focused company culture to pursue your business' goals.

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