Case Studies
We helped a restaurant chain reduce time and eliminate time and costs associated with paying their employees

A restaurant chain located on the East Coast with 800 employees in 8 locations issued paychecks to a large number of their employees. Their employees were reporting that their paychecks were lost, stolen or destroyed on a recurring basis. The Payroll Administrator had to reconcile the lost checks with both the bank and check register to reissue new paychecks to employees on an ongoing basis. This was time consuming and costly for the employer.

An auto repair shop was able to eliminate a very specific time & attendance issue to deliver value to their employees

An auto repair shop in the Mid-Atlantic with 86 employees in 5 locations had a very detailed and complex pay and bonus structure for their employees.

The employer had three different groups of employees, General Maintenance, Technicians and Super Technicians. Each required a different set of calculations to ensure they were paid correctly. Each calculation required entering multiple data points into various spreadsheets with complex formulas. The employer had to review each employee’s data to ensure it met specific thresholds to determine how much the employee should be paid.

For paid time off, the employer manually calculated the rate of pay based on historical hours worked to determine an employee’s available time off.

The auto repair shop continued this manual process of calculating the hour worked/gross pay to dispurse every pay period. This was a time-consuming task as checking the process to ensure it was done correctly took just as long.

Helping a home health practice manage PTO accruals

A home healthcare practice in Maryland with 50 employees was having difficulty tracking paid time off accrual balances. They spent numerous hours every month tracking balances, which were often inaccurate, leaving both the payroll administrator and employees frustrated.

Automating summer holdback for teachers

A VP at a charter school ran monthly and semi-monthly payroll for 120 schools each with 20-500 employees and needed a faster way to manage deduction balances. Teachers usually withhold a percentage of their income earned over ten months as a post-tax deduction. This withholding is then used to pay the teacher over the summer months. The VP consistantly spent three hours per school per year manually moving these deduction balances.

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